PRE-Order - The Hot Box 2.0 Standard - Poplar - Teal Stain Pedalboard by KYHBPB

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Say hello to the Hot Box 2.0 Standard in Teal Stain.

This is the one of our medium size pedalboards. It is designed to hold up to six standard pedals or up to ten mini pedals. This model is made out of Poplar and is stained Teal. With our single cut design, hiding your cables will be a breeze. This model also has a virgin top which allows you to place Velcro for pedals as needed. This board is for use with a One Spot, Pig Hog, and VooDoo type of power supply. 

Pre-order this awesome board today. Build time for these are typically 7-10 business days.  Order one fresh off the blade today.

Pedalboard Dimensions & Features:

  • The Hot Box (W) 18" x (D) 5 1/2" 
  • 2" front height
  • 3"1/4" back height
  • Clearance goes from 1"1/4" at the front to 2"1/2" at the back underneath
  • Holds up to six standard pedals
  • 1 strip 2" Velcro Hook and Loop 
  • Two 3/4" access holes on each side

Pictured pedals not included......sorry.




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