The Hot Box 2.0 Rough Rider Large - Natural with Turquoise Tint Pedalboard by KYHBPB

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This is the Hot Box 2.0 Rough Rider Large - Natural with Turquoise Tint.  It looks amazing.  This is the same specs as our Standard Rough Rider Large, but it definitely looks different.

This unit is sanded smooth, and stained a natural stain that brings out the woodgrain then a turquoise tint is added. At the very end we put on a nice coat of gloss polyurethane coating.  This unit also sports a 3/4" center slit access hole. It is designed to hold up to six standard pedals or more if you are using mini pedals. It is designed for use with a One Spot or a Voo Doo Labs type of power supply. To finish it off we put on a high gloss polyurethane coating.

The Hot Box was designed for folks that only use a handful of pedals but still want the rustic look.  We have had all kinds of musicians use these and love them.  They are easy to pack up and set up.  

Pedalboard Dimensions:

  • 19.5" wide
  • 7"1/4" deep
  • 2" front height
  • 3"1/4" back height
  • Clearance goes from 1"1/4" at the front to 2"1/2" at the back underneath
  • Center 3/4" access slit
  • Holds up to six standard pedals
  • Holds up to 10+ mini pedals
  • 1 strip 2" Velcro Hook and Loop
Wood grain may vary slightly per unit.

Pictured pedals not included....sorry.



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