Stomp Riser - Standard - 2 Pack - Cherry by KYHBPB

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Have you ever had one of those times where you wish that your pedals were a little bit higher on your pedalboard? Well, now you can. This is our standard black Stomp Risers.

These have been cut to size for standard size pedals, routed, stained Cherry, and clear coated. These are very simple.  They give your pedals a 3/4" lift on your pedalboard, so you don't accidentally bump one of your knobs on another pedal when you're rocking out.  We sell these two to a pack.  They are WAY more affordable than the competition.  Get your pack today and enjoy easier access to your back row of pedals.

Stomp Riser Standard Dimensions:

  • 5" x 3"3/8"
  • 1 strip 2" Velcro Hook and Loop
  • Made out of 12 Ply Birch Wood


Pictured pedals not included.....sorry. 



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