Pre-Order Hot Box Itty Bitty Pedalboard by KYHBPB

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The Hot Box "Itty Bitty" is a pedalboard designed for folks with only a couple to three pedals in mind.  This pedalboard is the smallest that we make and it was originally a part of our custom line, then folks really started to like it.  So...We decided to add it to the KYHBPB family of pedalboards.  It is great for just a few mini pedals, or a couple of standard pedals.  Bottom line this is the pedalboard solution for folks that only have a couple of pedals and want to keep it organized, portable, and looking badass!

These are stained or burned and then stained.  They look amazing. 

Pre-Order this great Pedalboard today.  We can have this cut, routed, sanded, burned, and ready for shipment in 7-10 business days.  Order one fresh off the blade today!

Right now we offer them in:

  • Burned Pecan
  • Bombay Mahogany
  • Kona

Please see pics for examples of stains.

Pedalboard Specs:

  • 9" Wide
  • 5.5" Deep
  • 1"3/4" front height
  • 3" back height

Burn and wood grain may vary slightly per unit.



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