PRE-Order - Hot Box 2.0 Double Decker Mini - Pedalboard - Turquoise & Western Cedar by KYHBPB

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Say hello to our new and smaller Hot Box Double Decker Mini pedalboard.

This is a new and smaller take on an older model that we sold in 2014-2015. This board has a great Turquoise and Natural Western Cedar color scheme.  It looks amazing.  This smaller version mini pedalboard that can hold up to 8 standard pedals and more if you use mini pedals. The unit also sports a 3/4" access hole on each side and a 1"3/4" large access hole on the left side for power cables.  There is plenty of room for your power underneath. It's made out of Western Cedar and 5 Ply Birchwood.  It's constructed to be road worthy. Get one today.

Pre-Order this great Pedalboard today.  We can have this cut, routed, sanded, burned, and ready for shipment in 7-14 business days.  Order one fresh off the blade today!

Pedalboard Info:

  • Width 12"
  • Depth 10.5"
  • Front Height 2.25"
  • Back Height 4.25"
  • Second Tier 3/4" tall
  • 2 x 3/4" access holes
  • 1 x 1.75" large access hole (power)
  • One strip of hook and loop Velcro 
  • Sturdy construction 

Wood grain may vary slightly with each unit. 



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