Hot Box Itty Bitty Shallow Pedalboard & Case by KYHBPB

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This is our Hot Box Itty Bitty (Shallow) and Case Combo.  This is a great pedalboard for those that just have a few pedals or if you are using mini pedals.  Not only are they really awesome, but they look amazing as well.  All handmade here in Louisville, Kentucky out of our 12 ply Birchwood.  It's very sturdy and ready for gigging. 

The Case fits this Hot Box Itty Bitty (Shallow) Pedalboard just right.  It’s a snug fit, but that’s what you want to keep your pedalboard and pedals protected.  It is padded on the inside, triple riveted corners, locking latches and black carrying handle.  This is built to protect.  Pick up This great kit today. 

Two Colors: - More Coming Soon - Just contact us if you would like a certain color or one that's sold out.

  • Burned Summer Oak - CURRENTLY OUT, But making more very soon.
  • Burned Cognac - CURRENTLY OUT, But making more very soon.

Pedalboard Features:

  • Burned & Stained Finish
  • 9" L x 5.5" D
  • Front height 1"1/2"
  • Back height 2"1/4"

Case Features:

  • Fits our Hot Box Itty Bitty Shallow
  • Padded inside walls
  • Triple rivited corners 
  • Locking latches
  • Black color
  • 11”1/2” x 7”1/2” x 4”1/2”



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