The Hot Box “Flip” - English Chestnut Pedalboard by KYHBPB

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The Hot Box “Flip” - English Chestnut Pedalboard by KYHBPB is the most ambitious take on a pedalboard that we’ve ever tried.  The old saying that necessity is the mother of invention was never more true in this case.  

A case is actually what started this design.  We were tired of companies telling us that they couldn’t help us make bags or wanted us to order 300 at $25 each at a time.  We are not rich or just stupid with investing our money.  So we decided to build our newest board around our cases that we already carry.  That is why they Flip and fit into a smaller case. 

This board will fit into our smaller bags designed for our Hot Box Mini.  Not only that, but they stay AFFORDABLE for all of you.  That is the goal.  This one is stained English Chestnut and looks amazing.  There are two access slots and two 3/4” access holes on the top.  Pick this beautiful and highly innovative pedalboard up today. 

Pedalboard Specs:

  • 20” Width
  • 5.5” Depth
  • 2” Front Height
  • 2”3/4” Back Height
  • 7 Degree Slant
  • Middle Handle
  • Middle Board 3.5” Width
  • Four Access Holes
  • Stained English Chestnut 
Wood grain may vary slightly per unit.



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