New Hot Box Mini Model - The Po'Boy

New Hot Box Mini Model - The Po'Boy

We at KYHBPB know what it is like to be a struggling and yes....BROKE musician.  With that said, there is NO reason that a musician on a budget can't have nice stuff.  So, we created a pedalboard that is beautiful, functional, and made for the musician on a budget. 

We give you the Hot Box Mini "Po'Boy".  This can hold 4 standard pedals or 5 mini pedals.  Of course you can mix and match as well.  This little guy is small enough to fit into a small bag, backpack, or other carrying device.  The best part about this cool looking dude is that it is $29.99 plus shipping.  YES you read that right!  Where else can you get a killer handmade pedalboard for $29.99?  Nowhere but Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards. 

Check out this great pedalboard HERE!

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